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It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Official Kings Rubies Mentoring Program website.


Kings Rubies was birthed from an idea that will one day change the lives of young ladies and men across the world by introducing and exposing them to daily life skill etiquette's, that will help and allow them to identify and set self-motivated dreams and goals that can and will push them into being great leaders and contributors within the community. 


I felt a need for this program when I began to see an influx of young girls and teens struggling with who they were. They did not understand that they were designed to be (Great!).  I've witnessed them struggle to overcome obstacles of low self-esteem, self-love, self-value and personal identities.


I believe that we have to do more than tell our girls that they are powerful.  We have to provide them with concrete examples of strength, resilience, and pride by pairing them with strong positive and active women within the community.


Kings Rubies is a platform designed to build up, encourage, and inspire the next generation of women and men into being the greatest them that they can be. One Mentor at a time.


Thank You,


 Sonata Koger



Help someone realize their potential and discover their talents. Give back to your community in the most impactful way. Improve your community by spending time investing in it. Change someone’s life today and future tomorrow by becoming a Kings Rubies Mentor.

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